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  • LED Globe Bulb The LED globe bulb adopts the omni-directional illumination pattern and could provide 300 degree viewing angle. It can take place of the common incandescent light perfectly.
    The dimmable range of this bulb is between 3% and 100%.
  • LED ECO U-bulb The LED Eco U-bulb is perfectly designed as the replacement for the compact fluorescent lamps. You can introduce the LED technology into the down lights and fixtures.
    The directional emitted lights have more efficient light output than CFLs.
  • LED CandleThe LED candle comes in the flame-tip shape. Its patent lens allows the LED to give out three-dimension light in multiple directions. This hardy bulb can be used on decorative chandelier lighting, wall sconces and lamps for lighting pictures ...
  • LED Spot LightThe LED spot light could be directly used as the replacement for the comparable wattage Halogen MR16 lamps.
    The heat sink adopted by this product is made of synthetic materials with good heat dissipation.
    This light dimmable range covers from 3% to 100%.
  • LED Architectural LightThe LED architectural light series is ideal for replacing the halogen architectural lamps.
    The heat sink newly developed by our company features high efficient heat dissipation.
    The dimmable range of this light varies between 3% and 100%.
  • LED AR111The LED AR111 with built-in drive is compatible with the conventional transformer and can be used as the direct replacement for Halogen AR111.
    This lamp with outer driver becomes more energy-efficient if the transformer and Halogen AR111 ...
  • LED Panel LightThe LED panel light has cutting-edge and ultra thin light source with a thickness of 10.5mm. There is a high brightness LED embedded in the surrounding area of the plate lamp, which makes it to be an ideal replacement for grid luminaries for commercial lighting.
  • LED Down LightThe LED down light can be easily installed in the most standard recessed housings for retrofits and new construction.
    This type of light is specially designed for residential houses and has different color rings for special ...
  • LED TubeThe LED tube is an ideal replacement for standard fluorescent T8 tube and shines with excellent light distribution.
    The LED tube can save 80% of energy.
  • LED Ceiling LightThe LED ceiling light, as the main product of residential lightings, introduces new light diffusion technology to achieve a thin design. This light is 43mm at the thickest part and just 8mm at the thinnest part.
    There are three models for this kind of light. With the adjustable color function and the dimmer function ...
  • LED Street LightThe LED street light adopts modern aesthetic design and is characterized by simplicity, compact structure and attractive appearance.
    The light introduces the module design, which allows the air easier to cool the heat sink, making ...
  • LED Sensor Night LightThis LED sensor night light can provide 10 kinds of alternative colors.
    This product approved by UL is ideal for indoor lighting.
    Our company also offers the design service of this product.
  • Portable LED Solar LightThe LED portable solar light is charged by the solar panel under natural light during daytime.
    This light perfectly combines the solar power and LED lighting.
    The operating temperature range of this product is between -20℃ and +40 ℃.

LED Lamps

Welcome! Firefly Lighting Company is a major manufacturer of LED light in China. Our products have obtained the UL, CE, RoHS certification. Moreover, our products have been widely recognized by the clients in Japan, Iran, Venezuela, etc. The following is the detailed information.

1. LED low environmental impact
LED is featured with reduced carbon footprint and contains no environmentally-harmful elements.
Unlike CFL, LED contains no lead and mercury. Therefore, it does not have special requirements for handing and disposal.
LED does not use fragile filaments, poisonous mercury or high pressure gases, and is totally recyclable.
2. LED technology delivers energy savings through super efficiency
LED reduces up 80% energy consumption which equals to less impact on global warming.
LED is solid-state technology and does not rely on outdated "inefficient" technologies to illuminate.
3. LED efficiency saves money
Energy saved is money earned for the consumer in the form of reduced electric bills.
ROI for the consumer begins from the moment they switch on the LED product and is rapidly realized.
4. Traditional bulb replacement
LED is available in a wide variety of standard products engineered for direct replacement and retrofit. As easy to install as traditional bulbs that LED replaces.
5. LED ultra long-life
LED lifetime is typically rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours which depending on the application and usage can last up to 20 years.
6. LED is safe and cool to the touch
It is rugged, unbreakable, all-weather, water resistant and composed of solid-state components.
LED does not produce UV or IR, and is always cool to the touch. Therefore, it reduces AC cooling and handing costs.
7. LED Lighting quality
The flexibility of led lighting application, utility, available color temperatures and full spectrum light allow LED to have the broadest range of applications for both residential and commercial markets. LED bulbs turn on instantly and are available in dimmable and non-dimmable configurations. CFL falls short in that typically there are start delays, warm up times, and it is not dimmable.
8. Incandescent bulb ban
Governments around the globe are banning the incandescent bulbs and most bans are taking effect now and over the next two years. Governments support LED lighting as an alternative to high energy consumption which is evident in the current economic stimulus package which includes LED as a featured technology for energy independence.

Operating voltage
AC 85~245V
DC 12~24V

LED has been widely applied for lighting in houses, commercial establishments, outdoors, industrial sites, etc. It can replace the majority of lamps on the market.
LED has the advantages of long service life, stable light source, high color rendering index, low energy consumption, etc. Therefore, it is likely to replace the other lamps and offers more environmentally-friendly and energy-saving alternative for lighting.

Order cycle time
We will accomplish the order within 20-25 days. As for the payment, T/T, L/C, etc. are acceptable.
Our company is located in Xiamen. The abundant resources and convenient transportation here are quite beneficial for international transaction.
Thank you for your visiting. If you are interested in our LED light bulb, LED tube, LED par light, etc. please turn to next page for more detailed information. Thank you.

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