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Home » How to deal with the broken lamp

IF you break lamp accidentally, please clean up debris as follow:
Manually ventilate the room before you start cleaning up. Stay away from the breakage area to avoid tracking any material around. Let the room air out for about 15-20 mins, if possible.
Scoop up the debris using a cardboard box or stiff cardboard bag, newspaper or magazine. Once most of the material is gone, use duct tape to pick up the remaining powder or glass fragments. Use a wet paper towel to wipe around the area afterwards and put all the used cleanup materials in a plastic bag or in a glass jar that you can seal up.
Clothing or fabric that has been exposed to a broken CFL should not be machine washed as the contaminants will contaminate the machine and public sewage systems. Clothing or fabric may be spot washed with soap and water and the clean up materials should be discarded as described above.

Disposing of cleanup materials and lamp at the end of life:
Depending on your municipality, all materials used in cleaning up the mess and lamp at the end of life may be placed with your regular trash for normal pickup. However, some municipalities may require that CFL materials be recycled by an authorized recycling company.
Please check with your local authority to determine what conditions apply where you live.

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