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2010 Firefly's CSR Report
This Report is divided into three parts: The development history of Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. is briefly introduced in Chapter One; Chapter Two mainly provides an overview of corporate social responsibilities committed by the people from Firefly initiatively and requites for the community in 2010. The Chapter Three presents Firefly Group's Social Responsibility contents and goals. In this report, "Firefly Group" includes: Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd.-headquarter in Xiamen; Sino Lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.; Firefly Lighting (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.; Firefly Lighting (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.; ChinaMinmetal-Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd and "Firefly Lighting North America LLC". "Firefly" is taken as the name of the brand, and "Firefly People" is represented by the whole Group Staff.

What is CSR?
Corporate Social Responsibility (abbreviation: CSR), refers to the operation mode of enterprises that reach or exceed the standard of morality, law and public requirement, and consider the influences against relevant beneficiaries when they proceed business. The concept of CSR is based on the idea that business operation should coincide with sustainable development. In addition to its financial and operating conditions, an enterprise should also consider the influence they exert on the society and natural environment, interests of those individuals or groups that can influence or can be influenced by the enterprise's decisions and actions, including but not limited to: the staff, clients, suppliers, community groups, parent company or subsidiary, partners, investors and shareholders. Under these circumstances, when an enterprise has contacted with those related beneficiaries, they attempt to make an integration of social and environmental factors.

Chapter One
Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in Xiamen in early 1995. It is mainly engaged in research, development, and the production of energy-saving electric light source products. After 15 years' development, Firefly has became a large group which consists of Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd.-headquarter in Xiamen; Sino Lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.; Firefly Lighting (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.; Firefly Lighting (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.; China Minmetal-Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. Its products mainly include energy saving lamps, LED and other relevant lighting products.
Through unremitting efforts of Firefly people for fifteen years, Firefly Lighting has becoming a leading brand of energy saving lighting industry in China. Moreover, Firefly Lighting has been awarded as the "Key Private Enterprise in Xiamen" , "National Torch High-Tech Enterprise", "Key High-Tech Enterprise in Xiamen", "High Credit Company in Fujian Province ", and has already obtained ISO9001:2008 and ISO140001:2004 certification.
David Chia, the board chairman of Firefly Lighting established and endeavored to promote "FIREFLY" as the Company's brand based on the facts that the firefly is not only a light emitter, but also it is a pioneer in environment protection and energy saving. Besides, it is the world's most efficient light source, where 98% of the emitting energy is used for lighting. Nowadays, the consumption of energy in the world is greater than any other emitted light. The Firefly is an incomparable model of energy efficiency.
At present, "Firefly" has become one of the well-known lighting brands in China, and has established an integrated production chain. As a result, Firefly has already set up 13 offices in 11 provinces around China, and is an industry-leading company in KA markets, supermarkets, distributors, network marketing, etc. This is not only the pride of Firefly people, but also the pride of Xiamen. With its attitude, Firefly is going out of China towards the world. We are really grateful for those unflinching help and support from government, society and many people who care about community and environment protection, we can see fireflies flying in the sky again. Firefly people know that the success does not only come from the effort but also need the development and support of the society. In the future, Firefly people will take practical actions to protect the environment, repay the society and light the world up with love.

Chapter Two
This chapter is divided into two sections: Section I focuses on the development stages of Firefly Lighting in 2010; Section II describes Firefly Lighting's contributions to the community and efforts to participate in environmental protection.

Section One
Firefly Lighting meets a period of rapid development in 2010, Domestic Marketing Department successfully won the bid of High Efficiency and Energy Saving Lighting Promotion Project issued by National Development & Reform Commission which amounts to 8 million pcs. International Marketing Department then won Bangladesh Government Bidding and Pakistan Government Bidding continuously. Firefly has also built up business relationship with famous French group Carrefour GSA. In addition, Firefly associated with the World Top 500 Company-China Minmetals Corporation in 2010 and China Minmetals-Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in the same year. This cooperation indicates that an integrated production supply chain from upstream rare-earth to downstream marketing has been established.

Section Two
This section introduces Firefly Lighting's endeavor on social responsibility initiative and participation in social environmental protection.
1. 2010, Trade Union of Firefly Lighting helped affected employees to get through disaster in spring.
2. 2010, Firefly Lighting donated 30000 RMB as charitable fund to Yushu through Xiamen Red Cross Commission.
3. Firefly together with China Minmetals Corporation established China Minmetals-Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd. in June, 2010. Local government paid much attention to this new company and local economic development was promoted by it as well.
4. Production Ceremony of China Minmetals Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd
5. In the Earth day, Firefly Lighting took part in the activity of One-hour blackout.
6. 2010, Firefly won five models as forth in the High Efficiency and Energy Saving Lighting Promotion Project. Old exchange for new activity was held in Xiamen on the 1st of May. Customers were qualified to enjoy government subsidiary if they bought those five models in Green Lighting Project which were produced by Firefly Lighting.
7. On June 1st, 2010, Firefly Eco-Park was set up at Yiqing valley. It was the first ecological park in China which took environmental education as its theme. Since the opening day, FireflyPark has been welcoming families with free admission. The whole Firefly Journey included firefly larva watching, firefly ecological education movie watching, closely contact with fireflies, etc. The target population is teenagers and kids under 16 years old. By expatiating the relationship between nature and firefly, nature and human beings, we tried to let them understand the significant meaning of protecting environment and seeing fireflies again. FireflyPark won positive feedback from all walks of life. This activity reflected Firefly's efforts for environmental protection and advocation for low carbon emission.
8. In July, 2010, Firefly Lighting donated RMB20000 as charitable fund to south area that was affected by flood through Xiamen Red Cross Commission.
9. 2010, Firefly Lighting took part in "Join Hands" education aid summer camp which was held by Red Cross Commission.
10. 2010, Firefly Lighting organized staff to attend the in-service Tertiary education.
11. 2010, Firefly Lighting Party Branch organized excellent party members to visit historical revolution place of interests.
12. In August, 2010, Firefly Lighting took part in Energy Star Partnership Meeting which was held in Denver, USA.
13. 2010, Firefly Lighting organized senior management staff to receive MBA training.

Chapter Three
Recalling the year 2010, Firefly flies again and is lighting the world with its faint light. In the future, it will fly higher and further, light the world with love. Over the past year, Firefly funded disaster areas, improved welfares for its employees and committed to environmental protection, etc. Firefly will take more corporate social responsibilities and fight for higher goals in the near future as followed:
1. Maintaining R&D and production efforts against environmental protection technology for LED and OLED
2. OLED Lab and the OLED engineers
3. Improving welfares for employees gradually
4. Keep on participating in international low carbon & emission reducing activities, cooperate with famous corporation in lighting industry or other industries, promoting environmental friendly production and improving living environment jointly.
5. Organize workers and staff to carry out activities in welfare houses and homes for elderly, show consideration to our society.
6. Associate with schools to organize emission reducing education

This report is the overview of the Firefly Lighting in 2010, which has no commercial purpose and takes no responsibility in relevant laws it may cause.
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